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The Importance of Boiler Servicing & Gas Safe

A Gas Safety check and certification is essential and the law, however we must not forget the benefits of servicing a boiler properly at this time too, to avoid some of the common faults.

Boiler Service

Boiler servicing typically includes a thorough inspection and cleaning of the boiler and its components. The technician will check the gas pressure and adjust it if necessary, check the combustion and ventilation, and test the flue to ensure that it is functioning properly. They will also check the seals and gaskets to ensure that they are in good condition and not leaking.

In addition to these checks, the technician will also clean the internal parts of the boiler, such as the heat exchanger and burners, to remove any dirt or debris that may be causing issues. They may also flush the system to remove any built-up scale or corrosion.

Finally, the technician will provide a report on the condition of the boiler and any issues that were identified. If any repairs are needed, they will provide an estimate for the cost of the repairs. It is important to have your boiler serviced regularly to ensure that it is functioning safely and efficiently.

There are several common issues that can arise with domestic boilers:

  1. No heat or hot water: This is often due to a broken thermostat, a faulty heating element, or a problem with the central heating pump.
  2. Leaks: Boiler leaks can be caused by faulty seals, valves, or pipes.
  3. Kettling: Kettling is a noise that is caused by a build-up of limescale in the heat exchanger. It can lead to reduced efficiency and shortened boiler lifespan.
  4. Pilot light going out: If the pilot light on your boiler goes out, it can be due to a faulty thermocouple or a blocked gas valve.
  5. Pressure problems: Boilers can lose pressure due to a leak or a faulty pressure valve. This can cause the boiler to shut down.
  6. Frozen condensate pipe: In cold weather, the condensate pipe that carries away waste water from the boiler can freeze, which can cause the boiler to stop working.

It is always best to have a qualified heating engineer diagnose and fix any issues with your boiler.

Gas Safety Certificate

A gas safety certificate, also known as a gas safety record, is a document that is issued by a gas safety engineer to certify that a gas appliance or appliances have been checked for safety and are in good working order. In the United Kingdom, it is a legal requirement for a landlord to have a gas safety certificate for any rental property that has gas appliances. The certificate is valid for one year and must be renewed annually. The gas safety engineer will check the appliances for proper installation, correct operation, and proper ventilation. If any issues are found, they will be noted on the certificate and the landlord will be required to have them repaired before the certificate can be issued. The gas safety certificate is an important document that helps to ensure the safety of tenants and the property.

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